Silcaz Becomes A Long-Term Investor In Quart

Silcaz has announced a significant long-term investment in Quart, the renowned creative agency.

[Delaware, September 18, 2023] – Silcaz Group, Inc.(Silcaz), a dynamic holding company, has announced a significant long-term investment in Quart, the renowned creative agency. This strategic partnership marks a pivotal moment for both entities as they join forces to amplify Quart’s vision and impact in the ever-evolving landscape of creative and digital experiences.

Silcaz Group’s investment in Quart is a testament to the agency’s proven track record of excellence and innovation. This long-term commitment not only signifies confidence in Quart’s capabilities but also represents a strategic alignment of values and vision. Together, Silcaz and Quart aim to push the boundaries of creativity, drive innovation, and shape the future of immersive brand experiences.

The collaboration between Silcaz Group and Quart is set to unlock new avenues for creativity and innovation. As Silcaz becomes a long-term investor, both entities will work collaboratively to enhance Quart’s capabilities, expand its reach, and explore innovative opportunities that push the boundaries of creative expression.

About Silcaz Group, Inc.

Silcaz Group, Inc. is a dynamic conglomerate that brings together diverse brands under its umbrella. With a strategic partnership with Universal Music NV and Victor Victor Worldwide, Silcaz stands as a beacon of innovation, creativity, and philanthropy, making a lasting impact across various industries.

About Quart

Quart, more than just a creative agency, represents a collective of forward-thinking minds dedicated to transforming visions into immersive experiences. From crafting visually stunning designs to developing innovative digital strategies, Quart is synonymous with excellence, originality, and a commitment to elevating brand identities to new heights. The agency’s passion for pushing boundaries has established it as a leading force in the creative industry.